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Stainless Steel Drinking Straw Set with 4 Straws, 2 Cleaners, 2 Wooden Travel Cases & 1 Pouch

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  • BE EARTH-FRIENDLY with our Stainless Steel Drinking Straw Set over Plastic Straws, that are not recyclable and will never compost. Our Straw Set will give you the convenience to set your Zero-Waste Lifestyle into motion wherever you travel. This Straw Set includes 4 Reusable Stainless Steel Straws with 2 Cleaning Wand Brushes, 2 Beech Wood Travel Cases, and 1 Storage Pouch. You can even continue to use our product packaging to organize your straw set in a drawer or cabinet to not lose them!
  • CONVENIENCE: It is one thing to have reusable straws but if they are a hassle to travel with then you won't use them. When do you think you would use them the most? It's most likely outside of your home, at a restaurant or on the road traveling with your favorite drink cup. With our great solid wood travel cases, just put one of the cleaners inside a straw (if you choose) and put both inside the tube with the cap on. It fits conveniently inside a purse, briefcase, luggage, or even cargo pants.
  • HEALTHY FOR THE FAMILY: Our straws are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel with no metal aftertaste and are Dishwasher Safe. They are FDA Certified, Rust Free, and Easy to Clean with the provided cleaning wands. They are 8.5 inches (21.5mm) long and are compatible with 20oz tumblers, regular drinking glasses, and any fast food or iced coffee containers. Safe to use with most liquid drinks as well as smoothies. Not Recommended for Hot Liquid Drinks.
  • CONSERVE: As our landfills continue to grow with the needless waste of plastic items, now is the time to do your part and "Change Your World with Small Steps," as our motto states. We know that you will enjoy your new Stainless Steel Straw Set with Travel Cases as much as we do!



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