OLA Bamboo - Personal Care Products

Let us introduce you to the OLA Bamboo family of products! OLA Bamboo is made up of three young entrepreneurs who want to make a real difference for the planet; located in Canada. To make this difference, they started by taking small steps. Their journey of eco-friendly products began with the bamboo toothbrush because toothbrushes are something that we all use in our daily lives, and which are (almost) always plastic. But they didn’t stop there! They started making other eco-friendly products like bamboo utensils, straws, makeup remover pads, dental floss, and a lot more! 

Our team at Earthy Home and Body chose to offer OLA Bamboo products based on their focus on sustainable products and giving back to their communities and country. This is accomplished by donating to the Compensation CO2 Québec to plant trees. Reducing their carbon footprint and benefitting the health of our beautiful planet is crucial to them and us. Since the beginning of their venture, over 2,000 trees have been planted in Notre-Dame-des-Bois and another 1,000 in Stratford, Quebec. This will continue to apply to any purchases made here! 

To learn more about OLA Bamboo, check out the video.