About Us

"Our Why"

Protecting The Seas

Being conscious of the pollution that we create everyday that may end up in our Precious Seas, and how we can take steps to prevent this by using sustainable and recyclable products in our homes.  


Doing it for Future Generations

Focusing on the "why" we do things to create a better world for those that have to take care of this earth after we depart, is a priority.



Making it All Count

We are a fun-loving married couple who have always viewed the world with an open heart but we didn't like what we saw when it came to our environment. We are taking small steps ourselves to have a better impact with local recycling, shopping our local produce and meat markets, using a backyard composting bin (provided by our city, by the way, how cool is that) and using sustainable products as much as we can. We are working towards our goal of building a home in the near future that will be able to sustain itself with solar-power, tank-less water heaters and as many energy efficient appliances as possible, all on some land to able to grow a small farm to be as sustainable as possible. 

Now, let's clarify, we are not "old hippies" or "Millennials," we are from two generations that believed people should pay attention to how they affect the earth. We want to see a better world and by starting this company we are working towards our goal to help, "Change Your World with Small Steps." We share this planet with many creatures so our "Why" is important to us.

Our Very Own Boutique Store Online!


Each product that we offer in our online boutique are hand-picked due to many factors such as, sustainability, handmade, local artisans, U.S. manufacturers or suppliers and always with the environment in mind.

Thank you for learning more about our "Why" and about us. Please connect with us on social media to help us spread the message of our many trusted product makers and in purchasing our products for your family and friends!