2-pack Charcoal Bamboo Adult Toothbrushes by OLA Bamboo
2-pack Charcoal Bamboo Adult Toothbrushes by OLA Bamboo
2-pack Charcoal Bamboo Adult Toothbrushes by OLA Bamboo

OLA Bamboo

2-pack Charcoal Bamboo Adult Toothbrushes by OLA Bamboo

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Do you know more than 4.9 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown out every year? By using the OLA Bamboo toothbrush, you are contributing towards a sustainable lifestyle. Our eco-friendly Bamboo toothbrush with charcoal is the best choice for dental hygiene and environmental prosperity. The toothbrushes are sleek and easy to use. They have high-quality nylon bristles to protect your gums from scratching as you brush your teeth. 

  • 2 individually wrapped toothbrushes for adults
  • Soft bristles infused with charcoal for a radiant whiteness
  • The handle of the toothbrush is 100% compostable and biodegradable. It is made of bamboo.
  • The bristles of the OLA Bamboo toothbrush are made of high-quality nylon for better brushing.
  • The toothbrush head is compact to ensure proper brushing of the molars. 
  • According to some studies, bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties.
  • Made from FSC certified bamboo to ensure best practices in managing responsible forests
  • The packaging is also recyclable or compostable by your city.
  • Bamboo cultivation is done without using pesticides or insecticides
  • Bamboo forests absorb 35% more CO2 than a regular mixed forest

Use and Maintenance:

  • Your toothbrush should always air dry. It is best to use an open toothbrush holder that does not hold water.
  • Let your toothbrush dry before putting it in a travel case.
  • We do not recommend storing your toothbrush in a closed drawer or cabinet.

How to Dispose of:

Once your toothbrush has reached the end of its lifespan (it should be changed every 3–4 months) simply pull out the bristles using pliers or break the head before putting the handle in the compost. The rest goes in the trash. You can also reuse the handle as a stake to support a plant or to identify your plants in the garden. 

The OLA Bamboo toothbrush is made with Moso Bamboo, which is not consumed by Pandas. It grows naturally at a rate of up to 4 feet per day, without the addition of any chemical substances. Its handle is specially designed to give you the perfect grip. The nylon bristles are flexible enough to reach all corners of your mouth keeping your gums healthy. It is smooth, durable, and better than plastic. OLA bamboo helps you in taking a step towards a clean & green future. 

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